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Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide high quality jerky products you can be proud to share with your friends and family allowing the average person to earn a residual income from home.

Founded on 3 Core Principles:


SIMPLE Products

Mouth Watering Jerky - Need I Say More? How about small batch, hand made, in family owned and operated facilities located in the USA. Everyone can say they love beef jerky or know someone who does! It is a simple product that others will be asking you to try!


SIMPLE Business

Earn great commissions sharing our amazing products with others. Follow our simple #EatShareLive Marketing Plan to earn Residual Income.



Learn how to create residual income so you can live life on your terms!  We teach our members Lifestyle Marketing - So you can build a business that matches your lifestyle.

Built on 3 Core Pillars:



We are upfront with our customers and affiliates. No small print or hidden surprises!



We do what is right. We strive to provide every person the same customer satisfaction we would provide our own mothers (and we love our mothers!)



All our jerky is made in USDA certified facilities. We are a registered LLC and have an A- Rating with the BBB. All of our affiliates are paid commissions on product sales only and are never paid for the recruitment new affiliates.


Jerky Direct started in 2004. It quickly became known not only for it’s amazing jerky, but also for being a simple home based business. As people in the network marketing industry looked for a product they could actually sell and business that was simple enough to actually share with people - Jerky Direct quickly became the answer!

However - Jerky Direct forgot to grow with the times and business started to fizzle.

Realizing Jerky Direct was primed to be the hottest business on the market - it was completely relaunched in 2016. In 2017, it got its footing - Partnering with the best jerky in America, being shipped directly to your mailbox every month, Jerky Direct is set to blaze a new trail.

Are you up to do something great?


Owner & CEO: Daniel Jay

Having been interested in home business since he can remember, Daniel has always had a passion for Network Marketing. Jerky Direct was one of the first businesses he ever joined back in 2004, when they first launched. Over the next twelve years, having been in various companies with various levels of success, he craved a home business that was simple. He wanted simple products he could actually share with people. It didn’t matter what business he looked into - nothing compared to the simplicity of Jerky Direct. When he had the opportunity to relaunch the business in 2016, he knew it was the opportunity he was waiting for.

Relationship Status: Married with a seven year old daughter

Unique Fact: Born with no sense of smell (it is called anosmia)

Unique Skill: Pretty amazing at making balloon animals

Passion: Helping people earn residual income and live up to their full potential. .


Daniel Jay Lighthouse

Quick Contact to us: (612) 408-0070