Thank you for deciding to become an Affiliate with Jerky Direct!
We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction.
While we understand Jerky Direct may not be the perfect business opportunity for everyone, we want everyone to feel like they got a fair deal.
If for any reason you need our support, please email us at: or Call: (612)408-0070 

In order to provide a fair, fun, and profitable business opportunity, I agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
​1)  I am an affiliate of Jerky Direct.  I am in no way employed by, endorsed by, nor a representative of Jerky Direct.  I am responsible for treating this as an Independent Contractor in regards to taxes, state requirements and other obligations.  I can not hold Jerky Direct responsible or liable for any losses/damages I incur while participating in this business
2)  I agree to the current compensation plan which can be found Here.
3)  I have read through and understand the FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)
​4)  I understand that the compensation plan and/or terms & conditions may be changed or edited at anytime
5)  Agree to the following terms of signing-up:

     - I am only able to sign-up once: Either as a customer or a distributor. (Customers do have the option to upgrade to distributor later)
     - I can not use a 3rd party credit card.  (The name on the credit card must match the name on the account)
I will not promote or sell Non Jerky Direct Products during Jerky Direct meetings or to my Jerky Direct Downline Network. (Unless this product shows a Direct Correlation to building/growing your Jerky Direct Business, ie - leads, domain names)
7)  I agree to keep any confidential information shared in Jerky Direct’s training, webinars, or other mediums to myself and used only for the purpose of Jerky Direct.
8)  I will not contact any of Jerky Direct’s Suppliers or Manufacturers.  All communication will be done through Jerky Direct.
​9) I understand that I am not allowed to change Sponsors.  (Considerations will be reviewed under extreme circumstances)
10)  I understand my autoship may be modified or cancelled at anytime in my back office.
11)  My Affiliate Commissions can be used 3 ways:

​       - Affiliate purchases: I must have enough to cover the entire balance or it will default credit card payment.  Even if I have credit card as default, if I have enough commission to cover my payment it will automatically default to my commission balance.
​      - 
Gift certificate:  Create gift certificates I can share with others to purchase jerky or to sign-up.  ($0.25 fee to create)
​      -  Request a paycheck:  I can request some or all of my commissions at anytime.  ($2.50 processing fee each time a check is requested)
​12)  I understand that if I remain unqualified for 90 consecutive calendar days, I will lose my position in Jerky Direct including my downline network and unrequested commissions.  I will be required to rejoin the business if I choose to participate again in the future.

13)  As a Jerky Direct Affiliate, I agree to:
​      -  Promote Jerky Direct Honestly, Ethically, Legally, and with Integrity.
​      -  Refrain from making negative or disparaging comments or remarks about Jerky Direct or it’s members on public forums or other social media.
​14)  I will not use the name ‘Jerky Direct’ for any social media username/group names or in any domain names.
​15)  Jerky Direct makes no guarantee of how much income I can make. How much I make is determined by my work ethic, leadership skills, market conditions, and other factors. 
If I choose to share income information in my marketing I will use an ‘Income Disclaimer’.
Failure to comply may results in the loss of my position with Jerky Direct, including any affiliates I have in my downline network and unrequested commissions.

​If I am joining the Team Build, including the Team Co-Op and Team Matrix, I also agree to: Team Build Agreement

Jerky Direct has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not happy, we will work to make it 100% right.
If any issues do rise above and beyond - I agree to settle the dispute through the BBB and to their satisfaction.  Click Here to find the BBB page.  I agree that if anything arises above that to settle it in arbitration.

Jerky Direct prides ourselves on being a business that is Honest and Ethical.  Part of that decision is to treat every customer and affiliate the same way we would treat our own mothers!  (And we love our mothers!)

Here at Jerky Direct, we could not be more excited that you have made the decision to join us!

Welcome to the team,

Daniel Jay & Everyone at Jerky Direct