100% Proof: Jerky Direct is Set to Explode!

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When I first discovered Jerky Direct in 2004, it was the most incredible home business I had ever seen. It was simple, fun and something I could actually make money with.

14 years later (after many ups and downs) Jerky Direct has finally got the opportunity we have been waiting for:

Jerky Direct Partners with $2 Billion Company

We all know that Jerky Direct offers the best home based business on the planet. However, we have never been able to get the funding, backing, leadership or support to build it into the business it deserves to be.

Until Now -

Over the last 2 years we worked hard to spread the news of how amazing Jerky Direct is.. And People Listened!!

In fact, a $2 Billion Company is launching their New Line of Beef Jerky THIS WEEK (11/28/18) 

* USA Pasture Raised Beef * Whole Muscle Brisket * Premium Grade * Tender *

Lock-In Your Postion Now!

We are looking for our TOP 8 Leaders to start building the NEW Jerky Direct Power Team

What is Required:

  • Love of Beef Jerky
  • Enjoy helping others
  • A strong desire to succeed
  • Strong Phone and Sales Skills (or willingness to learn)
  • 10-15 hours per week

What is Supplied:

  • High Quality Jerky Products supplied by a $2 Billion Dollar Company
  • Jerky Direct Team Support & Training
  • PLUS...

Training and Leadership from a $1.4 Million Dollar Earner 

Name: Monty S.

Earnings: $1.4 Million Dollars

Future Goals: Create One New 6 Figure Earner every Month (will you be next?!)

Why He is Excited about Jerky Direct: As a jerky lover and believer in simple products, he knows Jerky Direct is set to explode!

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